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Cabinet gives a nod for AOT's new investment

BackSep 12, 2007

The Cabinet on Tuesday approved Airport of Thailand Plc(AOT) new investment to lessen impact of noise pollution on people and to expand airport capacity, according to Chodechai Suwannaporn, the government's deputy spokesman.

The Cabinet approved proposal to invest Bt174. 77 million to help people suffered from noise pollution, he said.  

The Cabinet also asked the AOT to make a preparation of enlarging the Suvarnabhumi airport and submit to the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB), stateowned thinktank for evaluation.   

The AOT needs Bt 3.61 billion for new investment and reserve fund  worth Bt600 million for necessary unforeseen  investment.  Number of tourist and flights landing at the new airport have been exceeded previous projection.

The Cabinet requested the AOT that it should have a plan to solve the congestion problem at the airport.    

The Cabinet also approved budget of 60 state enterprises for fiscal year 2008, he said.

State enterprises' investment spending is Bt 289.76 billion. While their current spending is worth Bt508.13 billion. The Cabinet also urged state enterprises to speed up budget disbursement, improve productivity, enhance their capacity in information technology.

The Cabinet also urged them to refinance  their debts in order to lessen impact of volatility of exchange rate.


Source: The Nation
Wednesday September 12, 2007