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AOT board appoints new president

BackFeb 06, 2007

The board of Airports of Thailand (AoT) has appointed Kulya Pakakrong as acting company president.

Mrs Kulya, AoT vice-president for planning and finance, has been acting president since Friday, one day after the resignation of Chotisak Asapaviriya.

A source on the board said AoT chairman Saprang Kalayanamitr and the board agreed she was well qualified to work out effective financial plans for AoT, including income generation.

She was considered the appropriate choice as Passakorn Suwankanit , vice-president for airport development, is also the director of AoT's project office supervising construction and contract problems at Suvarnabhumi airport.

Saneh Chausurin, vice-president for administration, has been assigned to plan AoT's restructuring.

The board meeting last Thursday had intended to evaluate the performance of Mr Chotisak in light of the problems plaguing Suvarnabhumi airport.

Board members instead had to find an acting president as Mr Chotisak tendered his resignation as AoT president on Thursday, citing health problems.

However, a source at the Transport Ministry said Mr Chotisak was aware he would not pass the performance evaluation by Gen Saprang's board.

Mrs Kulya said yesterday the AoT board may have realised that she had served AoT for 25 years and could work effectively and smoothly with all sections, at both the management and operational staff levels.

"The new role was unexpected but I think it is a must because AoT had a vacuum and I am a suitable choice," she said. "I am second to none in terms of work and, as a woman, I may be able to relieve pressures and encourage compromise."

Tackling problems at Suvarnabhumi airport, maximising the use of Don Muang airport and the process to select the new AoT president will be her first priorities. She said she would not run for the president's seat when the board chooses a permanent president.

In addition to naming an acting president, the AoT board has chosen AoT vice-president for regional airports Serirat Prasutanond to take over as director of Suvarnabhumi airport, replacing Somchai Sawasdeepol, who was dismissed by the board on Thursday, the AoT source said.

Mr Serirat has administrative experience. He did not participate in the Suvarnabhumi project so he should be able to help attempts to solve problems at the new airport, the source said.

Don Muang director Pinit Saraithong was the most senior choice for the position of Suvarnabhumi director, but he must take charge of reviving Don Muang airport to relieve traffic at Suvarnabhumi, which needs repairs.


Source: Bangkok Post by Amornrat Mahitthirook
Tuesday February 06, 2007