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Development Plan of Suvarnabhumi Airport Phase 2

BackAug 25, 2008


Ref. No. 6481 22 August 2008

Re: Development Plan of Suvarnabhumi Airport Phase 2

Attn: President, The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) held the Board of Directors Meeting No.16/2008 on Friday, 22 August 2008 at AOT Board of Directors Meeting Room, 7th Floor, AOT Head Office Building. AOT Board of Directors has resolved to approve of the Development Plan of Suvarnabhumi Airport (SA) Phase 2 (fiscal year 2009-2014) with investment budget of Baht 77,885.777 Million (including 10% contingency, 7 % VAT and interest during construction of Baht 4,146.00 Million) to increase the capacity of SA to accommodate continuously increasing air traffic volume in an adequate and effective manner, thereby maintaining Thailand as Southeast Asia's aviation hub. AOT will have to provide details of the Development Plan of SA Phase 2 comprising such as the construction of the 3rd runway and a Satellite-1,to be proposed to the Ministry of Transport and related parties, and to the Cabinet for approval of the investment budget. However, AOT will proceed with this matter in accordance with the Notification of the Stock Exchange of Thailand Regarding the Disclosure of Information and Other Acts of Listed Companies Concerning the Connected Transactions 2004 later.


Please be informed accordingly.


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Senior Executive Vice President (Planning and Finance)
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