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Notification of Appointment of Directors

BackFeb 11, 2008


Ref. No.1034

8 February 2008

Re: Notification of Appointment of Directors

Attn: President, The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) held the Board of Directors Meeting No.3/2008 on Thursday, 7th February 2008 at AOT Board of Directors Meeting Room, 7th Floor, AOT Head Office Building. AOT's Board of Directors has resolved to appoint directors and committee members as follows:

1. Independent Directors : AOT's Board has resolved to appoint 3 more independent directors, namely General Saprang Kalyanamitr, Mr. Kampree Kaocharern and Mr. Thaworn Phanichpan. Independent Directors, therefore, are as follows:

1.1 General Saprang Kalyanamitr

1.2 Mr. Kampree Kaocharern

1.3 Mr. Nontaphon Nimsomboon

1.4 Mr. Yodyiam Teptaranon

1.5 Mr. Chirmsak Pinthong

1.6 Mr. Thaworn Phanichpan

2. Audit Committee: As Mr. Tortrakul Yomnak has been retired by rotation, members of the Audit Committee, therefore, are as follows:

2.1 Mr. Nontaphon Nimsomboon Chairman
2.2 Mr. Kampree Kaocharern Member
2.3 Mr. Yodyiam Teptaranon Member
2.4 Mr. Arkom Termpittayapaisith Member

3. Nomination Committee: AOT's Board has resolved to discharge 3 directors, namely Mr. Kampree Kaocharern, Mr. Nontaphon Nimsomboon and Mr. Chirmsak Pinthong from membership and appoint 2 more members, namely Mr. Thaworn Phanichpan and Mr. Maitree Srinarawat. Therefore, members of the Nomination Committee are as follows:

3.1 Mr. Thaworn Phanichpan Chairman
3.2 Air Chief Marshal Ittaporn Subhawong Member
3.3 Mr. Maitree Srinarawat Member
3.4 Mrs. Danucha Yindeepit Member

4. Remuneration Committee: AOT's Board has resolved to discharge 2 directors, namely Mr.Chavalit Sethameteekul and Mr. Chirmsak Pinthong from membership and appoint 3 more members, namely Mr. Arkom Termpittayapaisith, Mr. Suphoth Sublom and Mrs. Danucha Yindeepit. Therefore, members of the Remuneration Committee are as follows:

4.1 Air Chief Marshal Narongsak Sanggapong Chairman
4.2 Mr. Arkom Termpittayapaisith Member
4.3 Mr. Suphoth Sublom Member
4.4 Mrs. Danucha Yindeepit Member

5. Corporate Governance Committee, comprising:

5.1 Mr. Kampree Kaocharern Chairman
5.2 Mr. Chirmsak Pinthong Member
5.3 Mr. Suphoth Sublom Member

6. Risk Management Committee, comprising:

6.1 Mr. Suphoth Sublom Chairman
6.2 Mr. Chirmsak Pinthong Member
6.3 Mr. Winai Vithawaskarnwej Member

Please be informed accordingly.


Yours sincerely,


Company Secretary

Authorized person


Company Secretary Office
Tel. 0-2535-5657
Fax. 0-2535-5909


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