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Financial performance for FY06 increasing more than 20%

BackNov 30, 2006


29 November 2006

RE: Notification of information regarding an increase of more than 20 percent on financial performance for fiscal year 2006 when compared with the same period of last fiscal year

Attn:President, the Stock Exchange of Thailand

In fiscal year 2006 ended September 30, 2006, Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries (AOT) has the operating revenues of Baht 16,261.73 million, operating expenses of Baht 9,420.07 million, other income and expenses of Baht 5,691.83 million, profit before interest and income tax expense of Baht 12,533.49 million, and net profit of Baht 10,378.55 million. The net profit rises from the same period of last year by Baht 2,969.70 million (the net profit of the fiscal year 2005 is Baht 7,408.85 million), a 40.08% rise. The increase is attributable to:

1.The operating revenues of fiscal year 2006 are recorded at Baht 16,261.73 million, an increase of Baht 1,367.34 million, a 9.18 % rise from fiscal year 2005. This increase is caused by a growth in the number of aircraft movements of 5.90% and passenger movements of 9.54% and also cargo movements of 6.88% including Suvarnabhumi airport's initial operations of September 28-30, 2006. These increases are mainly from a sharp rise in low cost carrier movements. Moreover, an increase in the number of international tourists' arrival to Thailand, a seasonal travelling period for both domestic and international routes of Thai people are also the reason for these rise. Most of the international tourist arrivals to Thailand is now prefer to travel at Andaman Sea, after the serious impact of Tsunami in December 2004 and also the bomb at Had Yai International airport in April 2005. By the way, the violence in the southern part of Thailand would still lead to a minor decrease in air traffic movements. In addition, the operating revenues of Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel Co.,Ltd., AOT's subsidiaries, started operating on September 10, 2006 in order to serve Suvarnabhumi airport, are recorded at Baht 14.08 million.

2.The operating expenses of fiscal year 2006 are recorded at Baht 9,420.07 million, an increase of Baht 2,168.36 million, a 29.90% rise from fiscal year 2005. The increase is caused by the employment of new employees and temporary workers to work at Suvarnabhumi Airport, outsourcing and public relations expenses at Suvarnabhumi Airport and also the noise pollution study which effects nearby communities around Suvarnabhumi airport.

3.An increase of gains on foreign exchange, which is up by Baht 2,853.47 million, or a 233.94% increase. The increase is mainly from the depreciation of Yen and US dollar. The exchange rate as of 2006 fiscal year- ended (Oct 1, 2005 - Sep 30, 2006) is as follows:

3.1 Japanese Yen is at Baht 32.0850 / JPY 100 (compared with Baht 36.4959 / JPY 100 for the same period of last year)

3.2 USD is at Baht 37.6373 / 1 USD (compared with Baht 41.1075 / 1 USD for the same period of last year)

As a result, AOT's net profit after tax is increased for Baht 2,969.70 million or a year-on-year increase of 40.08%. The earning per share is at Baht 7.26

Please be informed and further proceed with public disclosure accordingly.


Yours sincerely,


Porntip Kanchanasat
Vice President of Accounting Department
Authorized Person