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Dissolution of NBIA

BackAug 03, 2006

No. 4593                                2 August 2006

RE:The Dissolution of New Bangkok International Airport Company Limited

Attn:   President, the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) has accepted the
transfer of the entire business, rights, debts, liabilities, assets and
obligations of New Bangkok International Airport Company Limited
(NBIA),a subsidiary company which AOT hold share of 99.99 percent,
since 1st January 2006 onwards.As a result, NBIA has no activities and
business to continue.Thus,the NBIA shareholders' meeting has subsequently
approved under the special resolution to dissolve NBIA on 31st July 2006

The official registrar has already approved the dissolution of NBIA on
31st July 2006.

Please be informed accordingly.

                                     Yours sincerely,

                                     CHOTISAK  ASAPAVIRIYA