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Appointment The Committee

BackMar 08, 2006

No.158                               8  March  2006
Subject: Appointment of Independent Committee, Audit Committee,
         Recruitment Committee and Remuneration Committee of Airports
         of Thailand Public Company Limited

Attn:   President, the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) held the Board Meeting
No.3/2006 on February 23rd,2006 at AOT Board of Directors Meeting Room,
AOT Head Office, No.333 Cherdwutagard Road, Don Mueang,Bangkok.Details of
the resolutions are as follows:
1.Approval of the appointment of Independent Directors as follows:
   1.1  Mr. Srisook  Chandrangsu
   1.2  Mr. Vudhibhandhu  Vichairatana
   1.3  Mr. Preecha  Jarungidanan
   1.4  Mr. Chaikasem  Nitisiri
   1.5  Flight Lieutenant Usar Borisuth
2.Approval of the appointment of Audit Committee as follows:
   2.1  Mr. Vudhibhandhu  Vichairatana            Chairman
   2.2  Mr. Preecha  Jarungidanan                 Member
   2.3  Mr. Chaikasem  Nitisiri                   Member
   2.4  Flight Lieutenant Usar Borisyth           Member
3.Approval of the  appointment of Recruitment Committee as follows:
   3.1  Mr. Vudhibhandhu  Vichairatana            Chairman
   3.2  Mr. Chaikasem  Nitisiri                   Member
   3.3  Mr. Worsak  Kanok-nukulchai               Member
4.Approval of the appointment of Remuneration Committee as follows:
   4.1  Mr. Preecha  Jarungidanan                 Chairman
   4.2  Mr. Areepong  Bhoocha-oom                 Member
   4.3  Air Chief Marshal Narongsak  Sangapong    Member

Please be informed and further proceed with public disclosure accordingly.

                                        Yours sincerely,

                                      Poolsiri  Virojanapa
                           Vice President of Commercial and Investment
                                      Management Department
                                        Authorized Person