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Receipt of compensation from King Power Suvarnabhumi Co.,Ltd

BackJun 05, 2008


Ref. No. 4255

4 June 2008

Re: Notification of the receipt of compensation from King Power Suvarnabhumi Co., Ltd.

Attn: President, the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT) would like to inform that with respect to the Civil Court's injunction, AOT has already received the compensation of approximately Baht 2,700 Million from King Power Suvarnabhumi Co., Ltd., the amount of which was recorded as recognized revenue in May 2008.

Please be informed accordingly. Any updates of the matter will be provided later.

Yours sincerely,


Company Secretary

Authorized Person


Company Secretary Office
Tel. 0-2535-5657
Fax. 0-2535-5909


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